type of ledger in tally | tally me ledger kitne prakar ke hote hain | टेली में लेजर कितने प्रकार के होते हैं

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दोस्तों, आज हम बात करने वाले हैं टेली में लेजर कितने प्रकार type of ledger के होते हैं

टेली में लेजर कितने प्रकार के होते हैं Type of ledger in tally

टेली में लेजर्स को अलग-अलग ग्रुप में बांटा गया है। Accounting Group एक ही प्रकार के या एक ही स्वभाव के लेजर्स का एक संग्रह (Collection) होता है। Ledger Group की सहायता से ही यह जानकारी मिलती है कि लेजर Expense का है, Income का है, Assets का है या Liabilities का। Tally में 28 groups होते हैं, इनमें से 15 Group Primary होते हैं और 13 Groups इन Primary Groups के sub groups होते हैं। इन 28 Groups के अलावा आप अपनी जरूरत के हिसाब ओर भी ग्रुप बना सकते हैं। आज हम ग्रुप और उनमें शामिल की जाने वाली लेजर्स को देखने वाले हैं।

Loans Given to Staff or RelativesLedger
Capital AccountProprietor Capital
Share Capital
Partner Capital Account
Life insurance
Equity Capital A/c
Purchase AccountPurchase Exempted
Purchase Nil Rated
Purchase @5%
Purchase @9%
Purchase @12%
Purchase @18%
Purchase @28%
Purchase Return
Sales AccountSales Exempted
Sales Nil Rated
Sales @5%
Sales @9%
Sales @18%
Sales @28%
Sales Return
Duties and TaxesInput CGST
Input SGST
Input IGST
Output CGST
Output SGST
Output IGST
Income Tax
Direct Expenses or Expenses (Direct)Carriage Inward
Factory Electricity Expenses
Warehouse Expenses
Custom Clearing Charge
Import Duty
Water for Factory
Export Duty
Indirect Expenses or Expenses (Indirect)Salary
Electricity Bill
Water Bill
Sundry Expenses
Misc Expenses
Advertisement Expenses
Maintenance Expenses
Round off
Bad debts
Stationary Expenses
Printing Expenses
Audit Fees
Professional Charges
Legal Charges
Depreciation Expenses
Interest Expenses
Bank Charges
Discount Allowed
Commission Allowed
Free Sample
Insurance Premium
Interest on Loan
Loss by fire
Postage & Currier
Repair Charge
Taxi Fare
Insurance Premium
Telephone Charge
Traveling expenses
Traveling expenses
Accrued expenses
Loss on theft
Coffee Expenses
Coke Expenses
Manager’s Commission
Fuel Expenses
Preliminary Expenses
Indirect Income or Income (Indirect)Discount Received
Interest on Investment
Bank AccountBanks Current Account
Bank OCC A/cCash Credit Limit (CC)
Bank OD A/cBank OD Overdraft Limit (OD)
Branch/DivisionsOther Branch Account
Deposits (Assets)Security Deposit
Electricity Deposit
Rent Deposit
Current AssetsPrepaid Expense
Prepaid Rent
Prepaid Insurance Charges
Interest Receivables
Bill receivable
Accrued income
Mutual Fund
Current LiabilitiesBill Payable
Sundry CreditorCredit Purchased Parties
Sundry DebtorCredit Sales Parties
Loans and Advances (Assets)Loans Given to Staff or Relatived
Advance Given to Staff or Parties
Loans LiabilitiesDebenture Account
Loans From Bank
Loans From Outside Party
Loans From Javed
Fixed AssetsFurniture
Plant and Machinery
Furniture and Fittings
Office lighting
Land & Building
Factory lighting
Air Conditioner
Accumulated depreciation
Cash in HandPetty Cash
InvestmentsInvestment in Shares
Investment in Bonds
Investment in Property/Plot etc.
Long term investment
Short Term Investment
Stock-in-HandOpening Stock
Closing Stock
Consignment Stock
Misc Expenses (ASSET)Preliminary Expenses
Suspense A/cSuspense Account
Secured LoansSecurity Loans
Unsecured LoansLoan from friends or Relatives
Reserve & SurplusGeneral Reserve
Capital Reserve
Investment Allowance Reserve
ProvisionsProvision for Tax
Provision for Expense
Provision for Sinking Fund
Direct Income of Income (Direct)Freight Charges Income
Delivery Charges Income
Transpiration Charges Income
Professional Charges Income
Consultancy Charges Income
Maintenance Service Income
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